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Our process:

1. Understand Your Business

We start every campaign by learning about what makes your business unique and who you'd like to book meetings with, so we can find the correct channels to generate leads.

2. Lead Generation

We manually research leads that best fit your ideal client profile based on past work, and present the list to you for approval prior to outreach.

3. Personalization

Every outreach email we send is highly customized specifically for the target to maximize response and meeting book rates.

4. Testing

We send small test batches (10-20 emails) at first to look at the data and optimize. We collect and analyze the data from our test batches to make sure your outreach emails resonate with your leads and result in booked meetings.

5. Scaling

Once our campaigns are optimized and you're getting meetings booked consistently, we'll scale the outreach and continue booking meetings for you week after week, month after month.

6. Transparency

We believe in trust and transparency, which is why we'll only email companies you approve, keep you updated on a weekly basis and refund you entirely if we don't deliver on our promise.

Some of the brands

we've booked meeting with:


Most frequent questions and answers

We want to make you 10x more than you’re paying us, so our pricing is determined by the value of the deals we help you close. For example, if your average customer pays 5k/month for 6 months, that’s 30k/deal. If you can close 20% of qualified buyers, that means 5 meetings will bring you 30k, and each meeting is worth around 6k. Since we want to make you 10x more than you pay us, we’d charge $600/meeting, or 3k/month for 5 meetings per month. Even with a low close rate (20%) you’re paying 3k/month to make 30k/month. Not bad!

We want to make our clients 10x what they’re paying us to book meetings for them. We do this by targeting high-value clients that can afford to pay you, and use your past work to book meetings with companies who are likely to trust you can deliver and become clients. From an outreach perspective, all of our emails are highly customized and we’re happy to share every part of the process with you. Last but not least, the founder runs a startup service business as well and totally understands your world!

Although we can book meetings in any B2B setting, our primary focus is digital agencies, service businesses and B2B SaaS companies with a high customer LTV. Before offering lead generation for other companies, the founder of Outreach Gurus used cold email outreach to close deals for his SEO agency.

We’d love to chat with you about your sales process to make sure you’re closing the outbound prospects. One of the best ways to close deals like crazy is an ‘irresistible offer,’ especially if you sell marketing. It’s typically a quick win you can sell to impress your client, before moving them up to a long-term agreement. A no brainer offer in the right market will surely convert like crazy. For example, we sell 5 meetings in 1 month or your money back, a risk-free way to make a lot of money. It’s irresistible (so if you haven’t become a customer yet, make sure to contact us 😉

How I Work

In this video, you’ll see the exact email I sent that resulted in a client for my link building agency. I like to post videos like this on my YouTube channel to show you what I’m doing and provide as much free value as possible! 

If you want to see more cold email lead generation and sales tips, check out the YouTube channel! 

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